English voices : Purcell / Britten

Konzert - 06/10/2019
Festival Via Aeterna Mont-Saint-Michel

Event : English Voices: Purcell / Britten
Place : Le Mont-Saint-Michel - Réfectoire des Moines
Date : Sunday 6th October 2019

Britten wrote in 1971: “It was only when I first encountered Purcell’s music that I understood the vividness and genius with which words could be exalted by music”. 
This programme tells the story of this encounter. Throughout his life, both as composer and performer, Britten strove to put Purcell on the pinnacle he occupies today in the pantheon of the Golden Age of English music. 


Brahms, Un Requiem Allemand
Ensemble Aedes / Les Siècles
Dir. Mathieu Romano
Ensemble Aedes

Ensemble Aedes

Direction musicale :

Mathieu Romano

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