Chants Libres

a season of choral art
by the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation

Building on the success of last summer events “Ensemble, enchantons l’été”, the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation has chosen to enhance its support for choral singing by creating a season of vocal art entitled “Chants Libres”: 11 French choirs , including the Ensemble Aedes, are participating in this initiative, from June to December, throughout France.
The Ensemble Aedes will be on tour in Burgundy, with many concerts programmed in historic places but also in healthcare establishments throughout the season.
Our partners: La Cité de la Voix, association Tournesol, Artistes à l’Hôpital Foundation and Les Petits Chemins.

In June, Aedes quartet and ensemble will be performing in 6 retirement homes and residencies for the elderly.
This summer, join Aedes on the markets in Auxerre and the surrounding villages! We will also give a concert in the cloister of the Abbaye Saint-Germain.
This fall, Aedes quartets will be visiting isolated individuals at their places. This new project will be complemented by a great concert in the market hall of Tonnerre.
This winter, the ensemble will be giving a Christmas concert at the Reigny Abbey and will be singing besides hospitalized people in Burgundy and Ile-de-France.

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