Thursday 6th January 2022 - 8.30 pm - Collégiale Saint-Hippolyte de Poligny

ELLES: one voice at first, then two, three, four, until everyone is singing; the Ensemble Aedes’ female singers, conducted by Guillemette Daboval, with Bianca Chillemi at the piano, take on the female voice repertoire.

The lion’s share goes to female composers from the 12thcentury (the Countess of Dia) to the present  today (Madeleine Perissas), by way of Cécile Chaminade, Mel Bonis and Lili Boulanger.
Tribute is also paid to French music with such great names as Debussy, Berlioz, and the contemporary work for which the programme is named, Patrick Burgan’s ELLES.

Aedes female octet
Guillemette Daboval, conductor

In partnership with La Cité de la Voix – Vézelay


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