Les Noces (1919 version)

Stravinsky, Wagner, Whitacre, Ligeti...

The Ensemble Aedes invites you to a huge wedding feast! Its singers, like a rather wild bunch of friends, play out different moments – light and profound – of the party. The audience arrives in the hall after the party has begun; but before things get too wild, the nuptial rites must be observed! The audience is invited to join the singers in a pop song especially composed for them to learn with us before the performance. Tears and laughter pour from the music which follows – a selection of works for differing choral formations: Binchois’ Filles à marier, Bartók’s Wedding Song, Billy Joel’s Lullaby and Whitacre’s This Marriage

The feast culminates in a wild orgy, to the sounds of cymbalom, harmonium, percussion and voices, in the 1919 version of Stravinsky’s Les Noces which is considered to be the composer’s favourite.

Richard WAGNER Bridal Chorus
Nikolai KEDROV Otche Nach
György LIGETI Haj, ífjúság!
Gilles BINCHOIS Filles à marier
Béla BARTOK Wedding Song
Eric WHITACRE This Marriage
Billy JOEL Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)
Jacques BREL La Valse à mille temps
Iannis XENAKIS Rebonds B
Jacques OFFENBACH Les Contes d’Hoffmann (extrait)

Igor STRAVINSKY Les Noces (version de 1919)

1 hour 20 minutes with no interval
17 singers
1 harmonium
2 cymbalums
2 percussions
1 pianola (real, or virtual with an audio broadcast system)
1 conductor

Ensemble Aedes
Mathieu Romano, conductor

A song will be learnt and sung by the audience during the performance


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